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A bespoke menu of health and wellness workplace solutions for your business...

On site and external health assessments for staff.

In-house sessions and wellness event scheduling.

Blood tests conducted on-site for convenience.

Buddy grouping for accountability and support.

Employee toolkit to encourage healthy living.

Nutritional signposting for healthy living.

Cognitive support for employee well-being.

Design and install bespoke in-house facilities.

Bespoke workshops, seminars and virtual sessions.

Repurposing of existing space for employee welfare.

“I’ve appreciated that the more I come, I’ll get different things from being here. Ilike the fact that it was personal, friendly and scientific…”
Stephanie | Client

The Touchstone Active Blog

Our latest health and wellness tips, that could make all the difference!
The Magic Of Green Tea

The Magic Of Green Tea

After nature gave us the gift of water, it also gave us Green tea. The benefits of Green Tea are too numerous to mention. For many cultures in the East, it is their default...

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So, what is obesity really?

So, what is obesity really?

With obesity becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK, it is imperative that we support the affected and act sooner rather than later to prevent it. You may be aware that...

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“I think the way it was set out and the way that the programmes were laid out, really appealed to me. ”
Martin | Client

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