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Getting to know your body better is a good thing. Not something you should view apprehensively.

We’re all getting older and Father Time is in charge. However, it is totally your choice how you respond to the ageing process.

Ask yourself this question. Why can I always find time to be ill but not find the time to be healthy? Can you relate to that?

Staying on top of your health should be a priority and hopefully, we’re going to make that a lot easier for you and your family.

Our lifestyle & health assessment covers the key areas of body composition, posture, physical fitness, strength and blood pressure, giving you valuable and actionable data about yourself.

We are seeking to rid you of ailments such as:

  • Back pain
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Weight management
  • Lack of mobility
  • Breathlessness
  • Diabetes 2
  • Chronic illness
  • Stress

The Touchstone Active non-invasive Lifestyle Assessment is extremely informative. You’ll get to know things about your body that will empower you. The benefits of which are numerous and include:

  •  Body data that gives you an understanding of what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Evaluating lifestyle habits that are not producing the results you desire.
  • Identification of any physical or cognitive ailments you may be experiencing.
  • Access to results 24/7 via Touchstone Active web and mobile application.



Step 1

Explore The Wellness Hub

Gain a full understanding of how you and your friends can benefit from attending.

Step 2

Complete The Par-Q Questionnaire

You can download your questionnaire by clicking here, have it sent by email or when you visit the Wellness Hub.

Step 3

Book Your Assessment

You can Book Here on this website, on our  mobile app or in person at the Wellness Hub.

Step 4

Attend Your first Touchstone Active Discovery 

You’re all set. Time to meet one of our Wellness Mentors and be taken through your Discovery Lifestyle Assessment.  

Step 5

Set Your Personal Goals

Set the goals that matter to you most and enjoy our support in helping you to achieve them.

Step 6

Agree Your Programme

Agree the type and duration of programme you wish to take. Anywhere between 30-90 days. To start with 90 days is highly recommended. 

Step 7

Download the Touchstone Active App

If you haven’t alraedy, do so. Subscribers will get daily workouts, be able to monitor progress, access relevant body data and communicate with our Wellness Mentors, all in one place. 

Step 8

Follow-Up Assessment After 30 Days

Initially we recommend follow-up assessments in 30 day cycles. Once, you have created the habit of sustainable activity these can be reduced, to quarterly or twice yearly.

Step 9

Keep it going…

Being healthy is for life. You, your family and friends will notice the positive difference. Make it a lifestyle choice and enjoy the journey.

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