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which module meets youneeds?

The Touchstone Active modular approach means that you’ll be able to find a solution for any space or setting. The flexibility has no boundaries, allowing you to think creatively about what can be done.

Our bespoke installations really do take on board a myriad of settings from home gym fit outs—with no commercial objective—to sites that want to yield maximum return from underperforming space and at the same time deliver highly valued services for the benefit of all.

The Discovery Phase
The Discovery phase incorporates a comprehensive assessment of your overall body condition. It is the starting point of your Touchstone Well experience, whether you opt to take a one off assessment, book interval assessments or as part of one of our programmes.

Your Wellness Mentor will take you through an informative procedure that will empower you with useful statistics about your body. This includes, a lifestyle questionnaire, blood pressure reading, body composition statistics and a short data driven fit test. Other specialist assessments are available but not as part of the standard offering.

Targeted Audience (Applicable to all services)
The health assessment phase, really is for everyone, however, at this stage of our development our focus will be on those who know they should be taking assertive action when its comes to their health and wellness, but are not attracted to the traditional gym model. They more than likely, live hectic lifestyles, where time is a premium. Usually, 40 plus with children. Many would describe themselves as inactive or as having an unhealthy work life balance, even if they are active. This dynamic is reflected across all strata of society and is not necessarily impacted by class, race or creed. How the services are accessed may well be.

Empowering health and wellness statistics coupled with support strategy to realise goals.

Layout/Space requirements
Greeting Area – Private/Screened Consultation Area – Body Composition Area – Fit Test Area

Square Footage
Discovery Optimum Sq.Ft: 300 sq.ft

The Stretch & Release Phase
Returning the body to a child-like state of flexibility over a self-determined period.

Mobility – Pain Relief – Flexibility – Exercise Preparation – Oxygenation

Layout/Space requirements
Stretch & Release equipment – MINI, 4 Flexx X-Series Stations
Stretch & Release equipment – FULL, 9 Flexx X-Series Stations
Stretch & Release Floor Exercise Area

Square Footage
Stretch & Release MINI including floor exercise area Optimum Sq.Ft: 500 sq.ft
Stretch & Release FULL including floor exercise area Optimum Sq.Ft: 800 sq.ft

Group Sessions
Variety of sessions with focus on body movement, flexibility and relaxation in a supportive, non-competitive environment that respects individual goals within the group dynamic.

Support – Motivation – Encouragement – Like-Minded Companions – Shared Goals – Community

Layout/Space requirements
Studio space to accommodate 10 persons

Square Footage
Studio space Optimum Sq.Ft: 500 sq.ft

The Strength & Tone Phase
Strengthens and tones the body with automated assistance that sets workloads, monitors and tracks progress, even before it becomes visible.

Strengthen – Tone – Shape – Improve Endurance – Oxygenation

Layout/Space requirements
Strength & Tone Area – Egym fit out

Square Footage
Strength & Tone Optimum Sq.Ft: 500 sq.ft

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