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A shoulder to lean on, a friend in need. We think you get the picture!

At Touchstone Active we encourage you to form your own small groups, —from 2 up to 6 we suggest—in order to achieve your lifestyle and health goals.

Not only will you benefit from the support and camaraderie of like-minded individuals, you’ll also enjoy group discounts on our Lifestyle Health Assessments and 90 Day programmes.

What’s more, programmes can be created for you to conduct in your home or local settings of your choice.

If you or your buddies don’t want to come into the centre, no problem, we’ll create programmes to match your preferences.

The exception being your health assessments, which have to be conducted as a group at the centre.

Pairing up or creating buddy groups are great because:

    • You’ll support each other
    • You’ll share outcomes
    • You’ll motivate others
    • Others will motivate you
    • You’ll benefit from teamwork
    • You’ll win together
    • You’ll still be an individual

    Making yourself accountable to others can be a great motivator. The added responsibility might be just the push you need to create lifestyle changes that will benefit you so the rest of your life.

    Go on, call a friend…



    Step 1

    Explore The Wellness Hub

    Gain a full understanding of how you and your friends can benefit from attending.

    Step 2

    Complete The Par-Q Questionnaire

    You can download your questionnaire by clicking here, have it sent by email or when you visit the Wellness Hub.

    Step 3

    Book Your Assessment

    You can Book Here on this website, on our  mobile app or in person at the Wellness Hub.

    Step 4

    Attend Your first Touchstone Active Discovery 

    You’re all set. Time to meet one of our Wellness Mentors and be taken through your Discovery Lifestyle Assessment.  

    Step 5

    Set Your Personal Goals

    Set the goals that matter to you most and enjoy our support in helping you to achieve them.

    Step 6

    Agree Your Programme

    Agree the type and duration of programme you wish to take. Anywhere between 30-90 days. To start with 90 days is highly recommended. 

    Step 7

    Download the Touchstone Active App

    If you haven’t alraedy, do so. Subscribers will get daily workouts, be able to monitor progress, access relevant body data and communicate with our Wellness Mentors, all in one place. 

    Step 8

    Follow-Up Assessment After 30 Days

    Initially we recommend follow-up assessments in 30 day cycles. Once, you have created the habit of sustainable activity these can be reduced, to quarterly or twice yearly.

    Step 9

    Keep it going…

    Being healthy is for life. You, your family and friends will notice the positive difference. Make it a lifestyle choice and enjoy the journey.

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