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The Touchstone Active App

Putting Health & Wellness In The Palm Of Your Hand!
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Technology is great when its put to good uses and we think we’ve found something that you’ll appreciate and value!

We think it can. But honestly, what matters is what you think.

The Touchstone Active App, Mobile/Online subscription was initially created to empower our members by giving them access to their body data, routines so they could monitor progress their anytime, all year round.

Originally built for the inactive and active, it has now developed into much more than that. As well as the aforementioned you can now book health assessments, 

order blood tests, set goals, monitor progress, receive daily routines and have direct access to your Wellness Mentor through private messaging.

Routines can be updated remotely and delivered to your handset, tablet and online immediately.

Even better, as a subscriber you receive substantial discounts on all services. Minimum subscription period is just 3 months.

  • Set your own routines and targets, not just ours
  • Have access to customisable 
    routines for all levels
  • Set goals and track your progress all year round.
    • Have routines set for you as part of your programme
    • Benefit from member rates for all services
    • Access all your information in one place
    • Book any  service or session, online, right in the palm of your hand.
    • Access to other health and wellness services such as blood tests.
    • Track your progress
    • Keep in touch with your mentor via direct messaging.
    • Access your body data and much more 24/7 all year round.
    • First look on special promotions and offers.
    “I’ve appreciated that the more I come, I’ll get different things from being here. Ilike the fact that it was personal, friendly and scientific…”
    Stephanie | Client

    The Touchstone Active Blog

    Our latest health and wellness tips, that could make all the difference!
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    “I think the way it was set out and the way that the programmes were laid out, really appealed to me. ”
    Martin | Client

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